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Friday, September 13, 2013

Top Ten Things I Didn’t Do on Cape Cod This Summer

1.    Lie on the beach
2.    Get a tan
3.    Lose weight
4.    Acquire a Golden Labrador (or any other dog)
5.    Watch the Independence Day Boston Pops Concert on TV
6.    Make a left-hand turn against traffic
7.    Eat lobster stew served by a window with an ocean view
8.    Make love at midnight on the dunes
9.    Make love at midnight
10. Make love

Any explanation I offer – busy with work, busy with guests, busy with travel -- sounds like what it is. An excuse.

But heck! Isn’t the history of the Internet one of missed opportunities? The major record labels allowing Apple take over the digital music business? Blockbuster refusing to buy Netflix for a mere $50 million? Excite turning down the chance to acquire Google for less than a million dollars?

Aren’t cult movies basically the ones Hollywood missed -- that the fans made successful?

Despite the missed opportunities, there is an Internet anyway.

Despite the missed opportunities, Hollywood continues anyway.

Despite my missed opportunities of the Summer of 2013, wait ‘til next summer!

In my next blog: Goddess of the Hunt

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